About Silicon Valley Int.

We are an incubator and accelerator company with a special focus on Sustainability and Social Impact Startups from across the world. We receive 1.600+ decks per month from across the world, enabling us to have a unique and unfair opportunity to predict the companies, products and platforms, of the future. We invest in Startups which we know we can bring into current large opportunities we are already involved in, as well as bringing other world-class investors to co-invest with us.

We will also develop our own companies which we bring into single or several countries which will resolve a certain issue, help grow a new industry, or an up and coming industry.

Silicon Valley Int. is partially owned by Curran Rosschou Venture Capital. CoFounder has invested in 120+ Startups the past five years, having 1 Decacorn and 8 Unicorns under the belt, so far. We are a part of the inner circle of Silicon Valley, US, investors and eco-system, which means we have access to the next “big thing”, as well as a large investor network throughout.

Due to our unique setup and team we work with, what we think, the best Startups in the world which will have a significant impact on humankind.