SVI is a seasoned business strategic and advisory company with a remarkable track record in business development and value creation

Leveraging our extensive background, we assist companies in raising capital, primarily from Seed to Series D stages. This service combines our strategic insights, vast network, and understanding of sustainable business practices to help innovative companies secure the funding they need to grow and make a positive impact.

Our expertise has contributed to over $2 billion in revenue, M&A deals, and various projects through innovative business models. As Strategic Advisors and Keynote Speakers, we specialize in Sustainability, Social Impact, and Circular Economy strategies, influencing more than 1,000 CEOs and decision-makers globally.

Our experience includes serving as Trusted Advisors to the Chairman of the Board at the Nobel for Sustainability Trust, highlighting our commitment to sustainable business practices. Our company, Silicon Valley Int., focuses on industries like future trends and technologies, emphasizing sustainability, impact, and well-being.