A crucial element recruiting your next talent is to be proactive, reaching out to candidates whom we believe are attractive for your company. That is why we combine both Search and Selection as well as Headhunting in our process

By working with multiple companies, institutions, groundbreaking technologies and world-class future science, we keep a finger on the pulse of the market and know where the best candidates for your company are. We use our large network across industries and sectors to search the market for the best talent and candidates.

We work locally and globally which enable us to search far and wide. Consequently, we do not just find the best candidate among the applicants; we find the best candidate in the market.

In which kind of talent do we specialize

Obviously, being The Sustainability Company, we specialize in Sustainability and Social Impact talent and candidates. However, we have been recruiting across various industries for the past 20 years all over the world, we can of course help finding the right talent and candidate outside this space as well.

Our sweet spot are Specialists, Middle Management, and in some cases Top Level Management.

We are based in Europe and Asia, having recruiting partners across North America.

Brand awareness through storytelling

We believe it is important any of our clients should tell their great story, storytelling through job descriptions across the world.

Great job descriptions not only attract the right talent. It also tell the story about what you do, why people should choose to work for your company, which is a major brand awareness strategy in the long run. It means it will be easier for companies to attract the right talent for future positions, but also having people purchase your products, because they now know what your company does, which they might know beforehand.

The first 100 days, crucial for both parties

We know that the first 100 days any talent steps onboard is crucial. That is why we closely follow the talent and candidate, as well as the company the first 100 days, securing communication stays open between the parties, due to the fact that many new employees do not make it through the first 100 days. And it´s very expensive to lose a new employee in that timeframe.

1. Situation

Recruitment is an important component in any business growth and development. Finding the right person, at the right time, for the right job is in itself hard. Harder still is it to ensure this person’s long-term commitment and performance.
Many sources point to the first 100 days as instrumental to a new employee’s engagement and job performance. Study this article from Forbes for example provided by Robert Hellmann, Career & Executive Coach, Speaker, Business Consultant.

2. Complication

In the event new employees do not get off to a good start the risk of them leaving again, and having to start the process all over is high.

The associated costs are doubled, and the time lost is irreplaceable.

3. Resolution

To ensure sustainability in recruitment, and take responsibility for the social cost to the individual making the leap into a new job we offer a coaching program for the first 100 days.

With our focus on sustainability and social impact, we aim to integrate these values in our product offering. This means we are partnering with Growing Habits, a coaching and development team who specializes in building good habits deliberately, and implementing actions and behaviours that are repeated automatically.

The program is customized to ensure both the candidate gets a good start, and the receiving manager is supported throughout the onboarding phase.

Whats more, when people start new jobs they are highly susceptible to change, research shows particularly in the time leading up to day one, and therefore we support new employees to be even better when they start.

We call this ‘100% Talent’.

Support our work in Sustainability and Social Impact

By working with us you are not only finding your next talent for your company. You also support our work in cleaning up, and hopefully saving the planet long-term, as we create and work with various unique companies, platforms and groundbreaking technology.

Why not clean up and save the planet together, and a great way to work with CSR and Branding strategies.

We align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #8, Decent Work and Economic Growth.


You can contact us here through our website here, or call us at +33 (0)763 317 593 or +45 2184 6169.