Solving climate change and social impact issues through groundbreaking technology solutions

Water, deforestation, clean air, life sciences, mental health, film and documentaries, real estate development, future sciences

Portfolio companies

Bringing unique companies into large opportunities across the world

Game changing water cleaning technology. Cleaning polluted factory waste water, rivers, lakes, and water plants. The natural way!

Recycling the worst kind of plastic which mankind haven't been able to recycle as of today. At the same time reduce emissions for airlines!

Keeping memory alive - Connecting the world of data to the world of biology. Trees, plants and seeds that carry data without the need of electricity.

Connecting the un- and underbanked population with affordable housing units and financial services in Asia, creating opportunities for underprivileged people.

Very early tests for cancer has shown a 90% betterment, or even patients who was declared terminally ill by doctors, is still alive. Maybe the cure for cancer is just 2-3 years away.

350 million affordable and sustainable homes for SmartCity in Asia. We are bringing our portfolio companies to secure the newest technology for the people.

Providing natural, tasty and nutritional produce containing 90+ minerals and trace elements extracted from sea salts, plant extracts and fruit oils.

Waste management company picking up all the plastic floating around in our oceans across the world. Combined with our other portfolio companies we can solve a threat to our very lives.

Customer and voter crowds improve products and services which will have an impact on how we buy products in the future.

TAMP are enabling the 4th culture doctor movement for wellness & well-being to democratize knowledge by building pathways to progress between Healthcare Professionals in developed and underdeveloped regions.

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The Sustainability Company

Our goal is to clean up and save our planet in water and deforestation, clean air, as well as supporting life sciences, mental health, film and documentaries, real estate development, future sciences, by working with multiple companies, institutions, family offices, private investors, superangels, creating 360-degree platforms, bringing the latest groundbreaking technologies towards markets, influencing how we work in an innovative and proactive way, recruiting and headhunting the right people, helping to make our planet a better place.

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