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Welcome to the future of innovation and sustainability— At SVI, our mission transcends traditional business goals. We envision a world where cutting-edge technology and sustainability walk hand in hand. We believe that the power to transform our planet lies within innovative solutions and collaborative efforts. Our goal is to tackle pressing environmental challenges such as water pollution, deforestation, and air quality degradation, while also supporting life sciences, mental health, and the arts.   Achieving these ambitious goals requires a collaborative approach. We proudly work alongside HNWI, Family Offices, VC's, Private Investors and Organisations that share our vision. Together, we create 360-degree platforms that bring the latest groundbreaking technologies to the market, influencing how we work and live in innovative and proactive ways.

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We operate on a global scale with a holistic mindset
Michael Rosschou
Michael Rosschou

Besides possessing an extensive background in business development, creating a marketleading company, Michael excels in formulating business models that have generated substantial returns for companies contributing over $2 billion in revenue, M&A deals, and various projects. His role extends beyond this, serving as a Strategic Advisor and Keynote Speaker in the domains of Sustainability, Social Impact, and Circular Economy strategies on a global scale. His influence extends to more than 1,000+ CEOs and decision-makers worldwide. Notably, he has previously served as a Trusted Advisor to the Chairman of the Board at the Nobel for Sustainability Trust.

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